A Day at the Yulong Hot Springs Resort North East China

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Ever wanted to be outside in -30C temperatures and surrounded by snow while soaking in natural spring waters at 35-40C? Bathing in natural hot springs is one of the best ways to get out, see some of the country and enjoy the winter in North East China

In Jilin Province the two best hot springs are in Changbai Shan Mountains which are a 6 hour trip from Chang Chun and the Yulong Hot Springs Resort which is a 1 hour trip. Not having a couple days spare for Changbai Shan, my friends and I recently had a day trip to the Yulong Springs.

About the Yulong Hot Springs Holiday Resort

History – Back in 1988 while drilling for oil, one of the national petroleum companies tapped a subterranean hot springs. After testing and approving the water, the Jilin Province took over the area, spent billions of RMB and developed the resort.

The Resort – Consists of four hotels called Building A, B, C and D; a conference center, a spa/hot springs area, an ecological garden and a combined Yoga Club and Gymnasium.

The main building enclosing the spas/hot springs and the gardens has an area of 50,000 m2 and a height of 26 meters.  

The Hot Spring Pools – There are 50 hot spring pools that range in temperature from almost freezing to 47C and can hold up to 3,000 people. Each pool has a theme such as the Chinese Flower Pool (full of flower petals) and the Green Tea Pool. There is even a pool where hordes of tiny fish eat all the dead skin and muck from your legs and body. The fish are harmless, don’t hurt and tickle.

There is an out door area with three pools where the temperature is maintained at 37C. The surface of the water in these pools is covered in a layer of ping pong balls which are a lot of fun.

There are two tower structures with water slides and water falls that are great fun for children and more adventurous adults.

The Water – The source of the hot springs is 250 meters under ground and has a temperature of 50C. The water itself is colorless, odourless, meets the national standards for drinking water which does not say much and contains handy minerals such as iron, manganese, copper, zinc, selenium and sulphate.

Price – The price for one person for a day is 128rmb. A meal at the resort restaurant will cost you around 60rmb.

Getting There – The resort is around 37km south east of Changchun City and takes about an hour to drive to.

The best way to get there by public transport is to take a bus from the Huang He Lu bust station to Shuang Yang then catch a taxi.

The resort name and address in Chinese are御龙温泉 at 长春市双阳区杨家村农大发展学院 and the resort phone numbers are 0431-84777777 and 0431-84289555

pixel A Day at the Yulong Hot Springs Resort North East China
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