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main entrance Beijing   Kings Joy Hotel

Main entrance of King's Joy Hotel

The King’s Joy Hotel is one of the most affordable and well run hotels in the center of Beijing and is only a 10-15 minute walk from Qian Men and Tiananmen Square.

Location & Getting There

For easy access to Beijing’s many marvellous tourist attractions, to the subway and Beijing train station, King Joy’s Hotel is ideally located. You can easily walk to Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Beihai Park. The nearest subway station is on line two and the Beijing Station is just a quick taxi ride away.

The only fault with the location of King’s Joy Hotel is it is on a major road in a commercial and tourist area. This is convenient but there a no local residents, small restaurants or family businesses that you see in other parts of Beijing that provide an insight into life in Beijing.

Coming from the Airport or the train station, you catch the catch the subway to Qianmen station on line two. Leave the subway station using the C exit and you will see Meishi street across the road directly ahead of you. King Joy’s Hotel will be on your right hand side of Meishi street after a 5-10 minute walk and very obvious so you can’t miss it.

Rates, Bookings & availability

Dorms are 40rmb for a 6 bed mixed dorm with en suite and 50rmb for a 4 bed mixed dorm with en suite. Private rooms are 110rmb and up. For the location and quality of facilities, I have not come across better prices in Beijing.

The hotel is very large with 6 floors so you should have no problems finding rooms/beds if you book a few days in advance. It is very popular though so you are unlikely to find free beds/rooms if you turn up there with no reservations.

Rooms & facilities

The rooms and facilities are modern, clean and well maintained. All the rooms have security lockers, digital key card access and internet access. There are also two restaurants, a laundry, internet bar and even a meeting room.

The bar on the top floor of the hotel has a high speed wifi and brilliant 180 degree views of Beijing’s skyline. A great place to enjoy a meal, have a drink, and write a few emails.

There is a tourist information center on the first floor that is open all day and the staff there speak very good English. They arrange tours, are very helpful and have a good understanding of travel in Beijing and China. If you have any China travel questions or need help with bookings and so forth, they will be able to help you out.


bar view Beijing   Kings Joy Hotel

The bar on the top floor of King's Joy hotel


Friendly, professional and fluent in English so you will have no problems with bookings/reservations, getting help or dealing with problems during your stay.

The hotel is very large with dozens of rooms and hundreds of guests so the only fault with staff is you will not have a sense of familiarity with them and they will remember your name and chat with you like the staff in Beijing’s smaller hotels.

Address and phone number

Hotel name in Chinese -北京西华京兆饭店

No. 81 Meishi Street, Xuanwu District, Beijing

Hotel address in Chinese -北京市宣武区煤市街81号

Telephone number +86 10 52171900

pixel Beijing   Kings Joy Hotel
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