China – The World’s Fastest Underwater Railway

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CRH train 300x200 China – The World’s Fastest Underwater Railway

THe CRH train going over Guang Zhou's Pearl River

Was reading up on recent developments on train travel in China and came across an article about the famous Guangzhou-Shenzhen/Hong Kong train. I’ve included the body of that article below for you to check out. Basically the improvements planned for the Guangzhou-Shenzhen/Hong Kong train will really change travel between those two cities.


In the past (and now) you’d arrive at Guang Zhou train station (not to be confused with Guangzhou East railway station), buy a ticket to Shenzhen or Hong Kong from the CRH window and be on your way to a weekend in Hong Kong in around 2 hours with passport checks on the train itself. Very soon the trip to Hong Kong will take 40 minutes. All I can say is WOW. Unbelievable.

Visiting Hong Kong will never be the same. Going from your hotel/home to the Guangzhou train station can take longer than 40 minutes on a bad day.

Just imagine. You arrive in Hong Kong in the morning from your home country and spending the whole day sight seeing. In the evening you can catch the MTR to Hunghom train station. Change trains to the CRH and 40 minutes later you are in Guang Zhou with time to spare to watch the sunset over the legendary Pearl River. WOW.

Have to hand it to the Chinese, they sure know how do train travel.

Article Source

“Construction of China’s first underwater railway tunnel was completed Saturday in south China, which allows trains to operate at the world’s top speed under the water.
The project, or the Shiziyang Tunnel, crossed the Pearl River estuary in south China’s Guangdong Province with a length of 10.8 kilometers. It is designed for trains travelling at 350 kilometers per hour, the highest of all underwater tunnels worldwide.
The 10.8-kilometer tunnel, which is also the country’s longest, is a key part of a 140-kilometer high-speed rail link that connects Guangzhou, the capital of China’s southern economic powerhouse Guangdong, with the city of Shenzhen, also in Guangdong, and Hong Kong.
Liu Guangjun, project manager with the Shiziyang Tunnel, said large shielding machines had been used in digging of the tunnel at 60 meters underwater.
Construction of the tunnel started in November 2007, and the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong express rail link is scheduled to put into operation in 2012, which would slash travel time between Guangzhou and Hong Kong to 40 minutes from the current two hours.
The express is also expected to join with the country’s express railway network and take passengers only eight hours from Hong Kong to Beijing. ”

pixel China – The World’s Fastest Underwater Railway
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