China’s Gorgeous Red Beach at Panjin

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Red Beach Panjin Liaoning Province Chinas Gorgeous Red Beach at Panjin

Red Beach - Simply Stunning

Chinas Panjin Red Beach (盘锦的红海)

Every autumn an area of marshland in north east China turns into a sea of crimson red that is so vivid it has to be seen to be believed.  This colourful marshland is called Red Beach and lies near the mouth of he Liaohe River near Panjin City in Liaoning Province

Red Beach
The Beach – Red Beach is a scenic area and protected nature reserve 26 kilometers long and almost a kilometer wide on the bank of the Liaohe River near the mouth of the river. This section of marshland is covered by type of salt tolerant grass called Seepweed. Seepweed starts to grow every April or May with a green color and reddens in color as it matures. By the time Seepweed is fully mature in September, it is a vivid red color.

The Birds – Apart from amazing appearance, Red Beach is also well known for its migratory bird population more than 236 varieties of birds such as the endangered Crown Cranes and Black Beaked Gulls found there. Red Beach is popular with the birds because it is a stop over on their migratory route between East Asia and Australia. 

Where is Red Beach
Panjin City (盘锦) is to the north east of Beijing near the coast of the Liaodong Bay in the south of Liaoning Province. The Red Beach nature reserve is around 30 kilometers south west of Panjin City.

Getting There
Train – There are seven trains leaving Beijing a day that stop in Panjin so getting there by train is the easiest way. The fast trains take just under three and a half hours and the slower trains take five to six hours. Once in Panjin, you can take local buses or taxis to the Read Sea area. The Red Sea area in Chinese is Hong Hai Tian Feng Jing Qu or 红海滩风景区

Bus – Panjin has at least two long distance bus stations that operate buses from Beijing, Tianjin and other major nearby cities.

pixel Chinas Gorgeous Red Beach at Panjin
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  1. Wow, So beautiful like a painting.

    • Brendon says:

      Hi Peter, It is an incredible sight. Plan to go there mid September when the colors are most vivid.

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