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Tiger and Lion parks where tourists can jump on a bus and putter around looking at lethargic captive tigers and lions is very old school and every country has them. To stand out from the crowd and give tourists a unique experience the they never forget, you have to offer something extra. In China nature tourism and adventure tourism have now been combined and tourists can now experience genuine tiger attacks from the comfort and safety of their buses. Buses have been known to be destroyed and the occasional tourist go missing but tourism operaters claim that the tigers well cared for, suffer no ill effects from the tours or indigestion.

I have included below a recent report on a group of lucky tourists in Shandong and their action packed and complimentary tiger attack.

"A group of tourists visiting a wildlife park in eastern China had a narrow escape after bengal tigers attacked their bus, puncturing its tyres and destroying the windscreen, state media said.

A worker in charge of the enclosure at Jinan Wildlife World in Shandong province was at lunch when the incident happened last Saturday, and it took officials 10 minutes to open a gate so the tourists could escape, reports said.

None of the 27 tourists on the bus was injured, but the driver's hand was hurt when the tigers jumped on the vehicle and broke the windscreen, the official Xinhua news agency said.

Terrified visitors hid under their seats as a group of up to eight tigers bit the vehicle's tyres, destroyed its windshield wipers and broke windows, the Global Times reported.

Attempts to call police failed because there was no mobile phone reception, it added.

"We are deeply sorry for the accident," Wu Yanfei, deputy manager of Jinan Wildlife World, was quoted by Xinhua as saying.

The park has launched an investigation into the attack and compensated the tourists, Xinhua said.

China says it has nearly 6,000 endangered tigers in captivity, but just 50 to 60 living in the wild in its north-east.

A number of attacks on humans by captive tigers have been reported in recent years.

Last year, a tour bus driver was mauled to death by a siberian tiger at a breeding centre in the north-eastern province of Heilongjiang after he got out of his vehicle to check on a mechanical problem.

In 2010, a zoo keeper was killed by a bengal tiger at Shanghai Zoo after apparently forgetting to lock the animal's cage."


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