Fishing, Fast Trains and Marijuana

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An excellent way to get out into the country and enjoy Autumn is to go fishing. The weather last Saturday was delightful so I went fishing with a local friend. My first time fishing in China.

The Fishing Spot
De Hui (德惠) is a small town around 80 kilometers north east of Changchun city. The fishing spot was at a small secluded area around a 20 minute drive north of the town centre.

Fishing the Chinese Way
My background in fishing is either fly fishing for rivers or a simple rod, line and reel for rivers, lakes and inland waters. You use flies, spinners or bait that suits the fish such as grubs or worms. Fishing in China turned out to be a little different. For example there are no fishing reels with just  4 to 6 meters of line are attached to the end of telescopic fishing rods.

The set up that day was a 3 meter rod, 7-8 meters of line, a hook baited with processed chicken food and a stick float. After the hook was baited, the line was cast into the water with the float attach and just visible above the water. A forked stand was planted into the ground angling over the water and the rod is mounted on the stand. Fishing then consisted of drinking beer, snacking, keeping an eye on the float and occasionally checking the bait. Definitely one of the most relaxed forms of fishing you can do.

There were three strong bites, one broken line, countless bait replacements and NO fish. All in all a very enjoyable day fishing.

fishing in China Fishing, Fast Trains and Marijuana

All set for a hard days fishing

Fast Trains
China is now covered in a network of fast bullet trains that connect all major cities and are a great way to travel. These trains use specialized high speed lines that sprawl across the country. De Hui is between Changchun and Harbin and the high speed train line ran approximately 300 to 400 meters from the fishing hole. If fishing and drinking beer is too strenuous for you, you can take a short walk and enjoy the sight of fast trains flashing by every 15 or so minutes.

Marijuana / Canabis
Any discussion of Marijuana must begin with the warning that Marijuana in China is that it is highly illegal and if you are caught using or even possessing Marijuana you will be in serious trouble. The kind of trouble that will cancel your visa and have you on the next plane out of the country if you are lucky. If you are unlucky, you will have a first hand experience the Chinese penal system.

The fishing hole was government land and right next to a small dam/pumping station. The pumping station was surrounded by patches of tall very leafy marijuana plants that you can see in the photo below. These plants were probably grown by nearby farmers for personal use or possibly sale. None of the plants were touched by myself or my friend and if you come across plants during your travel, the safest option is to leave them alone.

We took a few photos of the plants then ignored them If you come across plants like these during your travels, I suggest you also look but don't touch.

Strangely enough, these plants were not an isolated example and you can find marijuana plants in the weirdest places such as public gardens, parks and nature reserves.

pixel Fishing, Fast Trains and Marijuana
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  1. christina says:

    this headline definitely caught my attention because I certainly didn't expect to see posts about mj in china! what a funky find on your adventure. 


    • Brendon says:

      MJ turns up in the strangest places here. Found a small crop in a garden area at the entrance of a light rail station last year. Grab a few leaves on the way home from work :)

  2. James says:

    Can you give some more specific detail about the location of those plants?

  3. James says:

    Those might be for hemp, are u sure they are used to smoke?

  4. looks like they were able to secape the scrutinous eyes of the China Government.. but in some countries Marijuana are being legalized for medicinal purposes just like in this video

    what are your thoughts?

    • Brendon says:

      Given the amount of alcohol and recreational drugs available at bars, night clubs, KTVs etc Marijuana would be a very low priority for the government.

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