Home Inn Hotel Panjin

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Panjin Home Inn Hotel Home Inn Hotel Panjin

A top place to stay in Panjin

Home Inn Hotel Panjin

If you plan to visit Panjin to see the famed Red Beach (not much else to do in Panjin), the Panjin Home Inn is the best clean and comfortable budget place to stay. The rooms are very comfortable, prices low, staff friendly and the location central.

Location & Getting There
The Home Inn is a short walk from the main bus station which is where you get off the bus after you arrive in town from the train station.  It is on one of the main streets in Panjin and around a 15 minute walk from the bus station. A little tricky to get to so I suggest you either grab a taxi, give the driver the address and be there in a couple of minutes or use a decent map.

Rates, bookings and availability
The hotel tends to be busy on weekends when all the locals from Shenyang, Liaoning Province’s capital, arrive so best to book in advance. Off season which is 9 months of the year, rooms are easy to get.

Rooms & facilities
The room rates range from 159rmb for standard room to 199rmb for a room with two beds. You can get cheaper rates if you have a membership card or book online. The hotel is new and rooms themselves are excellent for the price and star rating of the hotel with modern decorations, a cable internet connection in each room, fully equipped bathroom and all the other basics.

The restaurant on the ground floor is basic and very adequate. They serve a decent Chinese breakfast for 12rmb.

The staff  rarely have foreigners as guests so their English is limited but more than good enough to take care of the basics of your stay. Just don’t ask them for detailed information on the Red Beach. They are friendly and professional and will do their best to make your stay comfortable.

Address & Phone number
Website www.homeinns.com
Hostel name in Chinese – Ru Jia Jiu Dian 如家酒店

Address in English – No.79 Bohai Road, Shuangtaizi District, Panjin
Address in Chinese – 盘锦市双台子区渤海路79号

Hostel name in Chinese – 龍群賓館
Telephone number – 0427 – 3365555

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    that bathroom seems have everything … but where is the toilet paper? is that a toto or american standard toilet bowl ?

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