Home Inn Hotel Shenzhen

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Home Inn Hotel Shenzhen

An ideal location next to the Luohu border crossing between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, low prices (for Shenzhen), clean comfortable rooms and friendly and efficient service make the Home Inn an ideal place to stay when you are in Shenzhen.

Location & Getting There
The Home Inn is located just a 10 minute walk away from the Luohu border crossing and around an 8 minute walk from the Luohu subway station. The best way to get to the Home Inn is to take the subway on the Luo Bao line and get of at Luo Hu station which is the last station. Leave the subway station using the eastern and South Yanhe Road will be straight in front of you. The hotel will be in the road to your right.

Rates, bookings and availability
The cheap 164rmb rooms are often booked out so best to make a reservation several days in advance. Shenzhen is an expensive place to stay so even the 206rmb rooms are good value.

Rooms & facilities
The rooms in the hotel are on the 5th to the 26th floors rooms that provide decent views of the Hong Kong Shenzhen border crossing. The rooms themselves are clean, well furnished and decorated and modern. The hotel has good internet connection and a reasonable priced and adequate restaurant on the ground floor.

The staff do not get too many foreign tourist so their English is limited but more than good enough to take care of the basics of your stay. Just don’t ask them for detailed tourist information in Shenzhen. They are friendly and professional and will do their best to make your stay comfortable.

Address & Phone number

Hostel name in Chinese –深圳如家快捷酒店

Address in English – 1064 South Yanhe Road (Yanhe Nan Lu), Shenzhen
Address in Chinese – 深圳市罗湖区沿河南路1064号

Telephone number – +86-0755-82328818

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