Only in China – An Insanely Dangerous Power Pole

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China is changing and developing at an incredible and unprecedented rate and is set to become the world’s largest economy (less a 14 trillion dollar debt) and is already a super power to be reckoned with. This mad rush to modernize and make up for lost time is not without hiccups and teething problems such as infrastructure, legal institutions and the environment often being left behind in the dust.

In terms of daily life in China, this means dealing with enormous traffic jams caused by careless urban planning and construction, pot holed roads that a tank would have trouble navigating, man hole covers that swallow the unwary who step on them AND insanely dangerous power poles such as the one pictured below that would give anyone in occupational health and safety nightmares.

Background on pole
- Located near the center of Changchun, the capital of Jilin Province NOT in some back water rural village
- The pole has been this way for at least two years
- Locals are completely unfazed at treat it as normal

pixel Only in China – An Insanely Dangerous Power Pole
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  1. Sandy Allain says:

    That's a big treat to the people passing by that  power pole.

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