World’s Easiest Ski Run is in China

Life In China — By on 07/01/2012 4:07 pm

Went on a day ski trip last weekend to a nearby very small mountain called Lian Hua Shan. Nothing really travel worthy about the trip APART from what has to the be world's easiest ski run. Not only is the slop so gentle that moving is a challenge, there is even a conveyer belt to take you up. Seriously, a conveyer belt!!! I've been skiing in a lot of different places and I've never seen a conveyer belt before. Gondolas, t-bars, pomas, chairlifts and more, yes. But a converer belt? Never. Not only is the conveyer belt so safe it's scary, it is also sooo slow. I could walk up that slope backwards sending a text message on my mobile faster than that conveyer belt. Do Chinese beginners lack a sense of adventure or am I just old school???



pixel Worlds Easiest Ski Run is in China
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  1. Lane says:

    That seems safe enough.  Probably easiest run for kids that I've ever seen. 

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